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Here is my thought that I want to share with you: THE DEEPSTATE ILLUMINATION





Hi hi everyone,

Gerardus then wrote:

Here is my thought that I want to share with you!

So that everyone will see the "big picture, the big picture".

And fortunately for many already visible:

"We're in a real movie"A real gangster movie!Because in fact it is not more.Everything we know, how it used to be on the streets with blackmail, extortion, oppression. Paying so-called protection money. The stories that were spread around just to have respect for organized crime.
We are now in this gangster movie.

We (the people) are the ones who all play a supporting role in this gangster movie, but in a victim role. One of which plays a bigger supporting role than the other.

The mafia state made up of gangsters who made their own laws. Never kept to agreements. Every influential person was bribed or extorted, etc.

They have spread so far that they have the governments, legal systems, executive law enforcement officers, schools, educational organizations, media, and so on all in their pockets.
They are teaming up with the satanic evil that is most likely alien!

Apparently they have to deal with each other in one way or another in order to support each other. Technologies, like the digital system, have made them even more supreme.

Everything we see about news, promotions, projects, with regard to schemes, financial possibilities, etc. Thinking of the crypto and stock market. Pensions, Funds and Insurance. Is all preconceived and continuously manipulated, so that we will use it at all times.

The cunning of unlikely truths such as deceit, promises, lies, bogus criminal cases, punishment and reward systems have tricked many and continues to do so.

We have now reached a high point where all remaining income is being collected.

This image is created with all kinds of lies to justify that the crisis will one day be a fact.

Successively again with a new so-called stimulus package to start a new era from scratch. In which the gangsters can enrich themselves in us.

On which a so-called "GREAT RESET" will take place.

However, because they never thought that we would find out. This is because we have always been kept stupid by continuing to use all kinds of biotech weapons. Dissemination of manipulated literature. Making us dependent on drugs by spreading diseases. Through the air in our food through hospitals, care and so on ...

Did we manage to get through this barrier ...

Leaving this with a lot of suffering ...

Will we be able to reveal everything ...

This is partly due to our main support: "ourselves, the patriots and the alliance".

It is also because of the increasing closeness to each other ❤️

Although mainly digital, but that should not spoil the fun. On the contrary, we connect more on a higher consciousness than on each other's appearance or other environmental variables.

The biggest joke is that because of what they have used as the holy grail (digital network) to be able to enrich themselves more quickly and easily. Have we managed to bend the digital era to our own will, despite the many restrictions on censorship!

Fortunately, we also have a team that calls itself the alliance. Comprising the team: Donald Trump and the Galactic Federation of Light, the military, Q Intel, and finally ourselves as being the "Light Diffusers" 🌈

We have now succeeded, after so many years, we have finally come to the point of rolling up this gangster boss with his satanic friends and giving them a final, death blow.
Basically a "cookie of your own medicine" 😄😄

We are using the agenda and resources of this enmity and we now know how they think. We've been in the lion's den. And now it has really happened to them!

Good and evil are approaching each other's ways!

The crossing still leaves a lot of doubt, but we are getting stronger and stronger and with just a few more steps to go, we will overpower them to wipe them completely off the map!
The final spasm they try with all their might (at all costs) is to shove the vaccinations down our throats!

Which they will not succeed of course.

They will of course try this.

So that they can still put a finger on us and thus retain control over us.



Greetings Gerardus



Sent by Gerardus as Facebook chat message on 02/01/2021 at 9:19 PM

I (Dienie) got the following request:

Do you want these places, Dienie? Please, by this Gerardus!

So that the population will wake up quickly 🙏


The connection created by Facebook has become the trap of the Deep State (the Devil). The Devil's plan has failed.

We now only have to open our eyes en masse.

And end the bad movie.

Then it's done!


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Bye for Now ❤️

Dienie Kars

(Truth Finder and Blogger)

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